We Connect You To The Top Retailers

At MDS, we recognized the need to bring more value to the factory years ago. This idea has taken our company to a level we feel is second to none in the upper Midwest.

Today, with our staff of over 30 Team Members, we offer our factory partners many programs of support.

Our Company

McCarthy-Duce Sales has been representing top manufacturers at key accounts in the upper Midwest for over 60 years.

Started in 1954 by Robert McCarthy, McCarthy-Duce has grown to be the largest manufacturer's representatives group serving our business community in the territory.

Currently, with over 30 employees serving our manufacturers, we sell and service your products in over 200 diverse customers.  While we focus our sales efforts in a four state area of Minnesota, Wisconsin, South and North Dakota, we also supply store service in fourteen states.

It's with this combination of six full-time sales professionals combined with twenty stores service team members and six support people that has given our current vendor partners the penetration they so richly deserve in our territory.

What We Do

At MDS, we liken our role as representatives to that of a bridge builder: we build a bridge to connect the factory with the customer.

To accomplish this we have continued to add resources and services that benefit our customers and partners.


Sales and Marketing

We have six sales and marketing professionals with over 150 years of combined industry experience.  We work together as a team, offering support to each other on all key accounts.  
Larger customers will have two or more Sales Executives managing the business, giving both the customer and our factory better support that has proven to increase sales and program placement.


Sales and Marketing

Retail Store Services

Our Field Sales Team consists of more than 20 professionals providing support for many important areas of our business including:

  • Regular Store Visits
  • Project Management
  • Retail Employee Training
  • New and Remodeled Store Sets
  • Grand Opening and Contractor Events
  • In-Store Product Demonstrations
  • Retail Price Shops

This Team is assigned a territory in the Midwest and are only assigned these in-store service responsibilities.  They call on the same stores each month, allowing them to cultivate strong relationships with department managers and drive sales.

Retail Store Services


We take training on our product lines very seriously. Our Key Account Managers work closely with our Field Sales Reps to ensure each retailer’s store associates receive ongoing training and product knowledge updates.  Twice a year we gather the entire team for training and company update meetings. 
Our Field Sales Reps participate in a bonus program to conduct training which requires them to be proactive in scheduling training.  We do not wait for managers to ask us for training; we ask them. In a typical year we conduct over 600 of these training classes.




We recognize that knowing how to examine sales data, and back it up with analytical decision making, puts our factories in a position of advantage. 
A number of our factory partners have teamed with us to obtain and examine their sales data for this purpose. 
We have found this to be a key differentiator between ourselves and the competition.

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